"HLB Mont Audit Plus" is a company that primarily renders auditing services, in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing-ISA.  In addition to the external audit services, the Company undertakes review and assurance engagements, as well as related services engagements, in accordance with the International Standard on Review Engagements, International Standard on Assurance Engagements and  International Standard on Related Services.

The Company also provides services of keeping accounting records on business transactions of legal entities in Montenegro, as well as consulting services on application of International Financial Reporting Standards

A part of activities of the Company pertains to organizing of training courses for accounting trainees, but also courses on advanced accounting techniques for experienced accountants.

Tax advisory services are also included in the package of services provided by the Company; especially in area of value added tax (VAT), corporate profit tax (CPT), personal income tax (PIT), surtax to the PIT, etc.

As significant portion of the Company’s activities relates to the valuation of the legal entities’ assets in Montenegro, their capital value assessment, etc, registration of newly established legal entities, liquidation of the operational subjects, change of data and similar, preparation of elaborates on statutory changes of legal entities, drawing up of division statements, merge balances, separation etc. as well as implementation of the procedure of covering losses of JSCs by their equity, implementation of the procedure of recapitalization of JSCs, etc.

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